Pre-Wedding Yacht Photo Shoot in Mumbai

For couples looking to have a different and unique pre-wedding photo shoot in Mumbai, our Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot on a Yacht is an ideal option. Doing shoots on yachts is now becoming a trend and many Bollywood movie scenes are being shot on yachts. More and more couples are turning to the sea for photo shoots and some even do their entire wedding on a yacht.

Most couples, when they approach us have a huge list of questions like, what should they wear? Where exactly will the shoot happen? Are there any pre-defined themes you suggest? And many more questions. Well, here is a quick answer some questions – We will take care of everything – right from giving you suggestions on how you must dress up, to the right make up and from setting up the supporting elements to suggesting a variety of unique themes and concepts which you can choose from.

Our photographers specialize in yacht photo shoots and have years of experience in pre-wedding photography. However, if you would like your own photographer to do the shoot, we will provide all the necessary assistance and help required.

For further details and to know more about the themes, concepts, etc. Kindly get in touch with us!