Passionate sailors, adventure lovers and worshippers of the sea! – Yes that sounds like us!

We love to mess around in boats, sail away on yachts and party like crazy – and we want you to join us. We can give you a plenty of reasons why you should!

Mumbai has a beautiful harbour which is still not explored by many in the city. There are some awesome beaches and islands just a few hours sail away from Gateway of India. The beauty of these beaches remains unappreciated as very few people end up visiting them or are even aware that such awesome destinations exist and that too so close to the city!

Yachting is not just an activity or a sport – It is a lifestyle. There are plenty of things you can do on a yacht, which the people in the Mumbai are not aware of. In spite of having such a beautiful coastline, only few privileged have had a chance to live this lifestyle.

We wanted to change all this and introduce people to these breathtaking yachting destinations and unique leisure yachting experiences. And that is how Yacht Tours Mumbai came into existence.

Like what we do? Come join us onboard and experience for real the most amazing things and activities you can do in Mumbai!