Cruise to Murud Janjira Fort from Mumbai

We conduct adventure trips to the Murud Janjira fort on luxury yachts and speedboats from Gateway of India, Mumbai. While the fort is also accessible by travelling to Murud by road, at Yacht Tours Mumbai, we provide tours which include a boat ride to the fort and back, sightseeing and much more. The fort is located at a distance of 165 km from Gateway of India, Mumbai.

The Murud Janjira for was built in between the years 1576 and 1571 by Burhan Khan. It is built on an oval shaped rock in the Arabian Sea near a town named Murud. The fort was originally built in the 15th century by local Maratha fishermen but was captured by the Siddis who built a much bigger and impregnable 22 acre stone fort which we see today.

The fort can be reached by a boat ride from the shore and there are several things to explore and appreciate on it. The main gate of the fort faces the shore and it has a small gate facing the open sea for escape during battles. There are many canons on the fort and 19 rounded bastions. The fort had palaces, quarters for officers, a mosque, 2 fresh water tanks and much more – all if which is like ruins today. The fort also has a tunnel which opens into Rajpuri. Despite several attempts by the Portuguese, the British, and the Marathas, the fort remained under the control of the Siddi’s who remained undefeated.

There are several activities one can do on the beaches around Murud. If you are looking for an adventurous weekend getaway, a cruise to the historic Murud Janjira fort is definite one to go for!