Cruise to Khanderi Island from Mumbai

We conduct one day and overnight trips to the beautiful Khanderi Island from Gateway of India, Mumbai. If you are looking for a weekend getaway from Mumbai, visiting Khanderi is a great idea! Like other tourist places, the Khanderi Island is not a crowded place as it is not open for tourists and visitors and can only be visited by obtaining special permissions for the Mumbai Port Trust.

The Khanderi Island is located at a distance 20 km from Gateway of India, Mumbai. It was inhabited until 1679, when Shivaji’s forces took control over it. There is a sister fort named Underi which was occupied and controlled by Siddhi Kahim in 1680. Many naval battles were fought between the forces of Shivaji and Siddhi in this region. The Khanderi Island was renamed to Kanhoji Angre Island after the brave Maratha general Kanhoji Angre.

There are many things to explore on Khanderi Island – like the Khanderi fort which was built by Shivaji, the Underi fort built by Siddhi Kahim, a lighthouse built by the British in 1867 and a two storey old building on which the light house is built. There is also an old temple of Sir Betal on the island.

With Yacht Tours Mumbai you can travel directly to Khanderi Island by a yacht or a speedboat. You can spend the entire day exploring the island and return back to Mumbai by evening or even camp at the island overnight and return the next day. We provide all the necessary camping equipment and take care of every single thing required for the trip!