Elephanta Island Speedboat Cruise

We provide speedboats, yachts and ferry boats to Elephanta Islands from Gateway of India, Mumbai. If you are looking planning to take a trip to the Elephanta Caves with your office group, delegates your family or group of friends, you can charter a boat from us and make your trip a completely private experience.

The Elephanta Island is located in the Mumbai harbour. The island is a famous tourist destination because of the caves carved from on the island, known as Elephanta Caves. The Island was originally called ‘Gharapuri’ which means a place of caves. It was named ‘Elephanta’ by Portuguese explorers in the 16th century.

There are several things to do on the island to keep you busy. You can explore the magnificent caves built by the Hindu and Buddhist occupants of the island built in the 5th and 8th century. When you land on the jetty at the Island, you can take a small train ride to the base of the steps which take you to the caves. On the way up to the caves you will find hawkers on both the sides, selling show pieces, chains, clothes all with a hint of the Elephanta caves. You will also spot monkeys jumping along, in search of food from tourists and hawkers.

The island is easily reachable by a boat from Gateway of India. If you choose to take a ferry, it will take approximately an hour to reach, while if you choose one of our speedboats, you will reach in just 20 minutes. We provide complete tour packages to Elephanta Islands where we take care of everything, right from sightseeing to and adventurous boat trip to the Island and back!